After completing work experience at the Bank of England, Siyana finished school and applied for The Bank of England’s School Leaver Programme. Her determination brought her back to the central bank of the UK where she is now doing an apprenticeship.

“I received support from colleagues whenever I needed it, (…) each and everyone kindly spent their time talking to me – one of them even spoke to me about my career decisions, giving me tips based on their experiences. This personal interest reflected the morale of the Bank of England and persuaded me to apply to the scheme.”

Back in 2015 Siyana was one of 1800 students at Brampton Manor Academy situated in East Ham. She applied for finance work experience in multiple companies. After a successful mock interview with one of Access Aspiration’s volunteers, she secured a place on a week-long work experience placement at the Bank of England. This experience was her golden ticket to a career in finance.

“I feel fortunate. I loved every minute of it.”

After completing the first year of her apprenticeship, Siyana came back to us with feedback: “So far, this scheme has truly helped me gradually develop and has made me a stronger and more employable candidate in the working world. I definitely don’t regret joining the Bank and becoming a part of a growing workforce of apprentices.”