Hafsah’s work experience at the EE digital department enabled her to gain knowledge of apprenticeship schemes and brought a burning desire to get a job at EE.  She has secured a full-time position as a digital marketing assistant at All Response Media.

“After going to EE and seeing the different departments I believed that the Digital route was perfect for me as it is very versatile. I’ve never been keen to go to University as I believe I am more practical and learn efficiently by taking part … My first task was to get an apprenticeship within the Digital industry, which I have achieved at All Response Media. My second goal set is to complete my Apprenticeship and then be able to move into a different team, in this case being the Digital or Online team.  After getting more experience, apply to EE’s head office!”

Hafsah now volunteers with Access Aspiration as an Alumni Ambassador. Her goal is to help her younger peers by passing on the advice she was given and encouraging them to reach for opportunities.


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