We have a track record of working with inspirational small and medium sized employers as well as major corporates in and around London.  We also source strong, professional volunteers to expand young people’s understanding and experience of the breadth of careers on offer today.  

Today, 46% of London employers offer work experience and 20% offer ‘work inspiration’ – something we call ‘industry insight’.  We want to increase these figures and enable more businesses to take part.  Offering just a couple of hours insight to business and employment decisions enables young people to understand more clearly where their talent will fit.


  • Who are Access Aspiration

  • NHS Imperial College Trust Work Experience Programme

  • EE Work Experience Programme

  • Ruth Chapman Visit profile on Linkedin


    Job: Founder of MATCHESFASHION.COM

  • Oliver Templeton-Ward Visit profile on Linkedin


    Job: Orthopaedic Surgeon - NHS

  • Christina Seilern Goulandris Visit profile on Linkedin


    Job: Studio Sailern Founder & CEO - RIBA SBA

By taking part in our programme you will be more closely connected with London’s diverse talent pool, get to meet our inspirational businesses and volunteers and be part of the movement to increase social mobility in and around London. Our rewards are directly linked to our schools and businesses – you will get to see your impact at first hand.

If you would like to get involved please contact:

Andrea Willson


If you would like to volunteer
See our volunteers page

  • Marc Allera


    Job: CEO of EE

  • Hugh Robertson


    Job: Founder & CEO of RPM Ltd.

    Education: Ampleforth

  • Torie Chilcott Visit profile on Linkedin


    Job: Founder & CEO Content, Rockabox