Our aim is to provide young people with skills, ideas and access to support their personal statements, provide new routes into work or introduce them to different career options.

Our Aims

  • Improve employability of 16-18 year olds
  • Increase social mobility
  • Remove barriers to access to both higher education and employment
  • Broaden young people’s understanding of the workplace, increase confidence, resilience and knowledge
  • To work with schools in areas of significant deprivation or with difficulty accessing provision

“The placements our students were offered through your programme and the process they engaged with to secure these experiences were life changing. Students returned with an enhanced perspective about work and themselves…. Thank you”
Emma Loveland – Executive Principal, Watford UTC
“Working with Access this past year has been an absolute highlight for me, and our students massively appreciate the incredible opportunities that have been offered to them. We are very keen to promote the full range of placements to all of our Year 12 students this academic year and will strive to help you ensure all of your placements are filled.”
Lucy McNally – CEIAG Leader, Chelsea Academy

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Impact report

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Access Aspiration Evaluation 2016

Access Aspiration Evaluation 2015

Summary Forecast – Dec 7 2015